Monday, September 26, 2011

From the Other Side of the Lens

Mom moved back in with me. It's a long story and one I really don't want to post on the internet. So...

Today we watched a video from Mom & Dads 50th Wedding Anniversary...16 years ago. Mike was still alive, my dad was alive, aunts/uncles/cousins still alive. The party was held one week after my uncle Tony passed away. His wife (my Aunt Rose - the spectacular aunt from another post) was there. One week after he passed. My God. She looked so sad in the video. Regal. But sad.

I remember very little of the day itself. But there I was on video. Proof that I had, in some way, participated. I wish I had paid more attention. To the man across the table from me (Mike). To cousins Gina & Lou. To Uncle Carl & Charlie. To Aunt Sue & Kay & Rose. To my dad.

Some day my kids will watch videos of our family. I hope they see the same things in me that I saw today in my family. They embraced life and each other. Even in grief.