Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Family (in the house)

Did I mention that mom is back with me?  There is some kind of wierd logic in this world, but I can't imagine what it is.  Mike is gone.  Mom is not.  Linda says she is pickled and smoked from years of drinking wine and smoking cigarettes.  I have to agree.  She keeps me amused and frustrated.  I'm finding it harder to understand what she wants.  She knows what she wants, but can't get the words out.  A heater is a cushion and the waste basket is a book.  Mike was her best friend.  I wish he'd get his ass back here and help me out with this.

But, he won't be here any time soon.  What I do have right now is another son and his family living here now.  It's more than a full house with 4 adults and a 3-year old.  I mean 3 adults and 2 children.  Somehow, in this wierd, twisted life I live, the Universe knew I needed help.  Dan is the oldest son...the one who took responsibility for staying with his sister after her accident and getting her back home.  Having him here to help with this old house has been a real blessing.  But what I really like is having 2 adults in the house that I can have a normal conversation with.  And bitch to.  I wonder what they say to each other about these 2 old ladies they are living with...the one who can't get the words out, and the one who has developed quite the potty mouth.