Sunday, June 30, 2013

Am I in Drive?

I'm well over the 3 year mark now and I still wonder if I've got myself in Drive or Neutral.  It's been slow going, I will admit.  When I look back, I'm sure that I've moved forward a lot...miles and miles forward.  But, I sometimes get I put myself in Neutral and can't figure out how to get myself to move.  There is still so much I want for myself, and yet...he's not here.  So, I wonder if it's worth it to want more.  And of course it is!  

Lately these days, I find myself making lists.  Not of things to do or buy, but things that I love or want for myself.  Then, I tell myself that I'll start working on this stuff.  And I don't.  Because...well...he's not here.  

And yet, things are still working out.  Every time I make a small change, it causes a ripple.  Leaving a job that no longer served me allowed me to work more in a job that makes me feel like I'm "on purpose".  And that job opened up to additional responsibilities with more money.  Every little positive change keeps me moving forward.  Little steps.  Little changes.  Miles and Miles forward over time.