Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Money Money Money

I'm finding that many widows are in some pretty difficult financial situations. I don't have a lot of advice, but what I do have, I'm willing to share.

  • If you (or he) worked for a long period of time in a stable company, find out if they have a pension plan that you (or he) was eligible for. I was delighted to find out that I am currently eligible for 2 pensions with another one available to me when I turn 63. Now that there is some sexy money!

  • Contact the Social Security office. At the very least, you may be eligible for a one-time $255 distribution.

  • Sell stuff...online, garage sales, flea markets. If you have enough stuff and don't have the time or energy to do it yourself, find someone to do it for you. To start selling online, check out Ebay. The first 50 auction style listings per month are free.

  • Rent out space. Whether it's a room in your home or a garage for auto storage, the extra monthly income is pretty nice to get. Make sure you check references if you're renting out space in your own home. Also check to make sure you can legally do it. In my city, a special permit is required.

  • Upgrade your resume. Then, get it out there! Check out websites like Monster.com and Careerbuilder.com. Believe me...even if you haven't worked for awhile, you have skills. There are ways to build a knock-out resume whatever your work history looks like. If you struggle in this area, get help from someone in the business world (or you may be able to get help from a local college).

  • Of course, there are other ways to get the income rolling in...daycare, dog walking, cleaning services. The point is, start the ball rolling. The small steps lead to bigger ones and the small income...well, you get the picture.

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