Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I'm at a loss for them. The ex-husband of a friend passed away this week. It had been a long marriage, but one of much trouble. Even his relationship with his own son was somewhat strained. I find myself sad for a man that I didn't really know.

The only thing we are leaving here with is love...the love we felt for others and the love they felt for us. That's it. I know Mike has it in abundance wherever he is. His time here mattered. For all of that, I am grateful.

The friend has been remarried for quite a few years now to a man who truly is her match (made in heaven kind of stuff). I'm happy that she finally has the kind of eternal love that she deserves. I hope there is a loving God who will wrap her sons father in the same kind of love. Eternity is a very long time.

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