Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Am I happy yet?

A few weeks ago, I started taking my version of depression meds...Sam-e.  I wasn't sure those little tinfoil wrapped, enteric coated tablets would do much, but I'm pretty sure they are doing the job.

I'm just days away from the 3 year Thanksgiving anniversary of Mike's death.  And I'm ok.  In fact, I really am grateful these days:

  • For my kids who put off their own grief so they could (in my mind) wrap me in bubble wrap so I wouldn't hurt myself in MY grief.  They never left my side.  They cried with me, hugged me when I collapsed on the floor, and let me cry/scream/bitch whenever the mood struck (which...well you get it).
  • For our friends.  Some were with me within minutes of my phone call.  Some came later, and stayed with me for days and some for weeks.
  • For my dogs (who get me out of the house whether I like it or not).
  • For my adorable grandkids.  No explanation required.
  • For Facebook (yup, I mean it).
  • For Wine!  Hey.  Whatever works.
There's so much more, and my list could go on and on.  But, I'll spare you.  :)

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