Tuesday, March 2, 2010

One Down

The condo is done! I must say, it looks amazing. My boys did a great job getting everything done.
(For some reason, the pictures on the finished condo came out looking pink. It's white.)
On to the next project -- the room that mom will occupy. That should be easy, with the exception of a couple of replacement windows. Well, even that will be easy 'cause my boys are pretty good at that kind of stuff.
The guy who owns the condo where the estate sale was called me last night. I was a bit surprised at what he wants for the place considering the amount of work that's needed. I have to keep telling myself that this one is not a foreclosure, so if I want it, I may have to pay a bit more. He said he'd like to get together to talk specifics. So, we'll be getting together tomorrow morning to have that discussion.
Mike would tell me I'm crazy.

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