Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Alzheimers, Mom & Puppies

This is a photo of my mom with my daughter Meg. Mom will be going to live with my sister and her husband at the end of this week. I'm a little sad, a little relieved, a little nervous. I have a tendency to project into the future and, when I do, I wonder if she will be ok. I worry that she will regress. I worry that my sister will not be able to deal with her emotional ups and downs. When my sister came to visit mom earlier this week, mom told her that she was too loud. Linda (my sister) took great offense to that and got louder. Oh this will be most interesting.

Mom's physical health is improving. She will probably live to be 100. Unfortunately, her mind will not be joining her. We have her on multi vitamins and vitamin B. We make sure she eats food that will nourish her. We make sure she drinks plenty of water. It's not enough. A lightbulb is a spitboard, things move around the house on their own, yesterday is today, the remote control is used instead of the phone, eye drops are used for dentures, and the list is endless. It can be quite amusing and it can be quite frustrating. Poor mom.

The puppies are starting to learn how to obey commands. Just wish they would learn to do their business outside instead of on the carpets. One puppy is staying downstairs with my son. It's too hard to get them both trained. They're like little kids, egging each other on into trouble.

It's like having kids again...puppies and mom.

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