Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Binders Full of Women

Ok, I know this is a blog about life after being widowed, but I still do stuff like vote.  I'm having a really hard time wrapping my little brain around this quote (and a few others).  We're talking inequality in the workplace...he is talking dinner.

Former Governor Romney stated that women need flexible schedules so they can be with their families and make dinner.  He knows there are good women out there, 'cause he had Binders Full of Women.  He recognized that "if women were going to be in the workplace" they need flexible schedules.  Yeah.  That's what women need.  Let's not worry our pretty little heads about real economic issues or the fact that most working families need real pay so they can pay for those pesky little things like the mortgage, food, and utilities.  

I have to wonder, especially coming on the heels of his 47% comment, where the hell he has been living.  Certainly not in my poor ass world.

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