Saturday, October 13, 2012

Date? um....Let me think about that.

I guess my first thought on this is....seriously?  who cares.  But, then I also have concerns about dating soon into the grieving process. 

When you start dating, people who have not gone through the whole life devastation thing, think that you're over it.  Like losing a beta fish or something.  So, the real issue, (for me anyways) is that the support you need during the grieving process turns into something else.  Rah Rah and WooHoo kind of stuff.  And maybe that's what we need, but I think not.  I know I wanted a listening ear and gentle hands to help do the stuff that I was just unable to do while I learned how to live a totally different life.

And I worry that, should the new dating relationship come to an abrupt end, and the grieving still needs to be done, is the support still there?  I don't know.  And further more, I don't know when or if the grieving ends.  So, feel free to date when you're ready.  Just know that I won't be Rah Rah and WooHoo for you unless you absolutely want me to.  ;) 

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