Thursday, May 13, 2010

and another bubble goes pop

I need to see this in writing. Wondering if I'm just being a big baby here.

I am a 2. At work. It means that I am a top performer in my department, in my company. Just days before Mike died, I had a "second" interview for a supervisor's position. After he died, I was told that although I was the top pick, they couldn't give me the job because my daughter worked in the same department as a manager.

Ok. Strike that.

After Mike died, I went on a leave of absence so I could deal with his death and take care of my daughter (the one who was brain damaged in the car accident) and her kids. While I was out, I notified my company that Mike's health insurance had been cancelled and I would like to go on their plan. Although the company told me it had been done, apparently no one told the health insurance provider. It took weeks to work that through.

Then, I was notified by letter that I had been terminated and was eligible for cobra.

A day later, I got a letter telling me the letter I got regarding the termination was a mistake. You couldn't have called me? hmm.

After I returned to work, I was asked if I would like to work in a job rotation with Workforce Management. I jumped at that opportunity because I'd done it before and really liked it. The position was open and I applied for the job. They were pretty up front with me and let me know that if a viable candidate applied for the job in the State of ND, they would hire the position there. Ayup...they got a viable candidate for the position in ND.

ok...strike that.

Shortly after I returned to my regular job in the call center, another position opened in Quality Assurance.

The hiring manager, knows me. She knows my work ethic...she knows I'm pretty good at what I do. I had 2 interviews for the open position. Then, three weeks went by without a word. Today I get an email from the HR department:


Thank you for your interest in the Quality Assurance Coordinator position.

____ believes that employees like you are our most valuable assets and that we will only benefit through your ongoing career development efforts. We have, however, selected someone else for the position whose qualifications more closely align with the job requirements."

Are you kidding me???? An email??? It was the last message in a series...that it's time to move on. So, I did. I am done.


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