Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day. It is cold and windy, leftover crazy from yesterday....when the Universe seemed like it was in a total state of confusion. It rained, hailed, thunder and lightning, got cold, got very warm, and the sun would come out. Over and over...all day. Totally matched my state of mind.

I spent most of the weekend at camp. Friday was fun. We sat around the, my kids, some of their friends, and some of my friends. Then Saturday came and I went into some type of crazy mind games. I had to come home to make sure mom was all set for the day and returned to camp around 3:00. Then my brain started to behave like the weather we were having. One minute, I was feeling happy and the next I was ready to cry. So, by 10:00 I'd had enough and drove home. Cried the whole way.

So, here we are...Mother's Day. It's not like Mike did all kinds of special stuff for me, but we usually went to the camp Mother's Day breakfast. Then, we'd just hang around. I am just so sad today.

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