Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I wish I could say that the caretaking I'm doing is for me...it's not. I get home from work today and mom has had a few "sips" of wine. There was a large red mark on the counter to show as evidence. I'm pretty sure she didn't bother to eat her lunch because that was on the counter too. So apparently lunch consisted of zinfendel.

Then Meg brought Gi over for me to babysit. Meg is a single parent and Gi's dad has removed himself from the picture, so I am the "alternate" parent. I would really like to be "just" Mimi, but I know it's hard on Meg to be working full time nights. The problem today is that Gi is sick.

So, I make mom some dinner, and serve it up with a glass of water. Then, I bring Gi in a little of the same meal, but alas...she doesn't like it. I feel bad. She's sick. So, back to the kitchen to make her a little something that won't bother her throat.

In the meantime, mom decides that she wants to help...and starts doing the dishes. Mom doesn't wash dishes...she swishes her hand around in cold water. The dishes will need to be re-washed.

The good news is that it's 5:15 and mom is going to bed. So is Gi. What are the chances I'm going to have a nice quiet morning tomorrow?

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