Sunday, November 14, 2010

Speaking of Natural

A couple of days ago, mom decided we needed cheese. So, off to the store she goes with Catie and brought home a few snacks (see previous post) and some of that good, wholesome orange cheese. What are the chances that orange cheese is natural? chance in hell.

So, getting on with the story...I was out of my cheese and really really wanted a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. So, I go ahead and pull out one of the orange cheese pre-wrapped slices from the refrigerator. I hesitantly put it on the (whole buttered) organic bread with the organic tomato and began to grill...and grill...and grill...AND...the cheese didn't melt. It warped, it got a little hard on the edges, but it didn't melt! It's supposed to be cheese! Of course it should melt!

The list of ingredients is scary...and I'm sure there's enough preservative in this stuff to keep it from melting in a raging fire. Compared to the cheese I like to use "milk, salt, organic rennet." That's it. Even that could be improved upon if I could find a good source of raw milk cheese around here.

I ended up with the sandwich in the trash. Mom really needs to stay out of the grocery store.

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