Friday, January 7, 2011

Health Insurance

Well, here I go again...talking about something I probably shouldn't talk about. I just can't help myself sometimes.

If you want to know what the new Federal healthcare law is going to be like, just take a look at Massachusetts. I'm screwed.

I never worried about health insurance when Mike was alive. He worked at a good job, made decent money and had good health insurance. All that changed the day after he died. I then went through a living hell trying to get my own company to cover me...and to this day, they still haven't paid one of my providers. I ended up shelling the money over out of pocket. Maybe someday I'll see the check. Anyways....

Massachusetts law says everyone must have health insurance, and if you fall below certain guidelines, you can get it free. If you don't get insurance, you will pay penalties at tax time. Well, in spite of the fact that I work part-time, I still have enough income to put me over the "free" now I'm eligible for a "reduced" plan. Uh huh.

At my age, the cheapest plan is $425 a month. Massachusetts says, based on my income, I should only be able to afford $275 monthly. Hahahaha. So, I may be able to get a waiver based on the fact that I don't meet the guideline. So, now I have a decision to I get the health insurance or use the waiver?

Honestly, I don't even LIKE the idea of going to a doctor. I see a nurse practioner skilled in natural medicine and lifestyle changes. What I really want is a catastrophic policy. Unfortunately, in Massachusetts, $425 a month IS the catastrophic policy. Regulators have made sure to add all kinds of nonsense that I don't need and don't want to pay for.

If I lived 8.6 miles down the road, I would be in Connecticut, where the catastrophic health insurance is $112 a month. The extra could go into a Health Savings Account where it could be invested. Under the new Federal law, you won't even be able to use the HSA for over the counter meds. Everything will require a prescription.

Let's see. If I rent out my entire house, I could rent a room in Connecticut and get the catastrophic policy. The room would be around $100 a week....oh forget it.

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