Sunday, January 2, 2011


I am annoyed...once again. Be warned...I am going to bitch.

Mike's best friend, Tim, started to show signs a few months ago of high sugar levels. It started when he got dizzy at work. He immediately made an appointment with his physician and the test results showed a high blood sugar level. A couple of weeks later, he gets re-checked and says everything is fine...his doctor said the numbers were coming down. "No problem...I can eat whatever I want."

Then, he complains that he's waking up thirsty at night...and his eyes hurt...and he can't see!

So, back he goes to the doctor...this time to be put on a prescription drug. Numbers so high, he could end up hospitalized or dead.

I am more than annoyed. I don't know if he was given any real concrete plans to change his lifestyle, but come on! Months!!!

I am frustrated with a medical community that doesn't listen, pushes drugs, and has no idea what the patient's lifestyle is really like. Drugs are not the answer when changes to the diet could have made a huge difference when he first went to the doctor. Most people need to be educated. We were raised on McDonald's and processed foods. Potatoes do not come in a box!!  And we are not deficient in Metformin.

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