Saturday, January 1, 2011


uh oh.

My dogs are the greatest Escape Artists ever! I have a pretty large fenced-in yard. Those two have managed to break out multiple times over the last couple of months. They've managed to lift the gate off the hinge, bust through the gate, jump the fence, and now I'm pretty sure they somehow managed to tunnel under. Twice yesterday. After the first breakout yesterday morning, my son and I walked the yard...checking the fence...making sure it was secure. Somehow, they did it again late yesterday afternoon.

We scoured the neighborhood. When we weren't able to find them, we called the animal control officer. Yup...he had them...and they were now going to be locked up for the weekend. Jail...until I can prove they're mine and post bail.

I feel like the mother of a couple of "bad" teenaged boys who like to party way too much. I think I've been this route before.

My 2011 Goals: Look for God and dog-proof the fence.

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