Sunday, January 23, 2011

Making Memories and Buying Stuff

After all these years, I finally get it.

Mike and I weren't big on vacations or "seeing the sights." Oh, we did a few things, but for the most part, we liked to save our money for the big know...the stuff.

I guess, the stuff helped us to make memories, but let's face was still stuff.

Now, when I think about our family (and especially Mike), I think about the things we did together. The memories I carry with me now are the times we were just enjoying each other. It was all about the love we had for each other, the love we had four our family, and the love they had for us.

There was the camping trip to Cape Cod. Mike and Mary almost drowned that trip...saved by the lifeguards (just in the nick of time I might add). There was the family trip to Maine for Dan's wedding. Mary (the hippie) and Megan (the cop) had to drive up together. We laughed about that one for a long time. There was the vacation to Laconia Maine...Dan blowing kisses to the older girls.

These are the things that I remember...the things that were truly important. The stuff....well, most of it is long gone...and I don't remember much of it.

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