Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Widow Card

I like playing the Widow Card as much as anyone else does, I get sad and cranky, I cry...but I don't like living in "Widow Drama."

Many widows don't, but I kind of understand it when someone says to me "you really need to move on." I know. It's just hard to figure out what I'm moving on to.

Obviously, things have changed...once widowed, you can't go back. And, honestly...I don't want to spend my entire life living in the past...because I am not there and neither is he. It's a memory. You can't stay there forever. You have to move on. Said by a widow.

I miss Mike every day. I loved that man more in the last few years than I did when we were first married. And he loved me. But, he's gone. There are people that I absolutely love and adore still here with me today, and if they were gone tomorrow, I would be regretting having lived in the past.

On the other hand, I'm a widow...can I get a discount?

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